Carrickvale Community Centre

The Centre that has Something for Everyone

About the Centre

Carrickvale Community Centre opened its doors to the public in November 2003. The Centre is run by an elected Management Committee in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council. Our programme reflects a balance of educational classes and community activities.

Community Learning and Development 

Carrickvale Community Centre is part of the wider Community Learning & Development (CLD) programme for the City of Edinburgh Council who run it in partnership with the elected Management Committee.

The aims of CLD are to develop programmes which support:

  • Achievement for Learning for Young People

  • Achievement for Learning for Adults

and which build stronger communities through local participation.


Our Programme includes

  • Adult Classes which are part of  the Council’s  Education programme

  • Classes and other activities run by the CLD workers based in the Centre, the Management committee or third parties who hire room in the Centre

Under 5’s, young people and adults are all able to access the programme. This is in line with current City of Edinburgh Policies of Equal Opportunities, Lifelong Learning, Social Inclusion.

Carrickvale Communitre Centre Entrance